What’s the difference between transgender and transsexual?

What is transsexual?

The transsexual is a person, a surgical way the changed or changing sex which it had at the birth. That is originally it is the woman who would like not only internally, but also externally, and by all gender to become the man that she was perceived as the man. And vice versa. Transsexuals are considered as transgender people as feel the belonging to another floor.

What is transgender?

The transgender is the person born with the defined biological sex, but who is feeling as the identity of an opposite sex, having the corresponding consciousness and behavior, that is having the gender identity inherent in another floor. The Transgenderism is not considered a disease or frustration. Most often the transgenderism has no relation to sexual orientation. Not always transgender people make gender surgery. Sometimes rather hormonal therapy that the person felt comfortable in that body that it has.

In other words, the transgender – quite wide concept. For example, the transgender it is possible to call the male heterosexual who at the same time can be drawn towards wearing a women’s clothing (a transsexualism of a double role). It is also possible to rank as transgender people androgens (people in whom both male, and female qualities and properties are combined), people of a third gender and others. All similar definitions are exact not fully and can vary.

Strictly speaking anything. Trans-sexuality (to be exact a transsexualism) – the medical term consigning to the past. Next year WHO has to accept at last MKB-11 in which this diagnosis will not be any more.

This concept no more than past remnant, heritage of a scale of Benjamin, and standard idea of gender identity.

Transgender – the correct term meaning a discrepancy of gender identity of the person with the floor attributed at the birth.

Transgender people can be binary (that is their identity keeps within system the female male) and not binary (everything that does not fit into the mentioned system). Transgender people regardless of identity can make transgender transition, at the same time the volume of various procedures and actions can differ from the person to the person not strongly correlating with binarity/not binarity

Attempts to part these 2 concepts on border of surgical correction of genitals are sometimes carried out. But it in a root not right approach because the gender identity is not defined by it. Besides people can have absolutely different reasons, for example, to refuse similar intervention even at very severe dysphoria.

Trans-sexuality as the term it is still bad the fact that the root “sexuality” is occupied with sexual orientations (homosexuality, heterosexuality, a pansexuality etc.) and sexual temperament (an asexuality, a demi sexuality, a trisexuality)

Terminological mixture of questions of sexual orientation and gender identity which among themselves are not connected in any way results and are different aspects of the identity of the person.