Youth Statement

We are a group of 18 young people, representing 11 organizations from 9 countries and territories, gathering at the 7th ILGA Asia conference held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We have reached a consensus on the following points:

1: We define youth as people between 15 and 32 years old. However, we also believe that anyone who identifies themselves as a young person should not be excluded from participating in youth-related discussions.

2: We define youth organizations as those led by youth and serving youth. But we welcome organizations who may only meet one of these two requirements.

3: LGBTQI youth are especially vulnerable as they are highly exposed to stigma, violence and censorship.

4. Within the LGBTQI movement, youth organizations are not equally treated, space for and attention to their voice is not enough.

5: LGBTQI youth organizations lack financial and technical support to operate and strengthen their capacity.

6. We need a deeper awareness and to take greater responsibility in building an inclusive youth movement which recognizes every individual who works from the grassroots and who is underrepresented.

We therefore make the following recommendations:

7: We call for members of our youth community to support each other to form local groups and organizations.

8: We call for the establishment of a mentorship mechanism between youth organizations and those more experienced and resourceful in order to develop a new generation of youth leadership.

9: We encourage donors and funders to invest more in youth organizations and youth community, and to make efforts to support youth organizations that cannot meet the established funding requirements due to their limited capacity.

10. We encourage intergovernmental organizations and international NGOs to pay attention to linguistic and cultural diversity in Asia and to make their publications and resources available to youth who do not speak English by collaborating with local partners.

11: We encourage ILGA Asia to provide more support for youth pre-conference and youth caucus in upcoming conferences.

12: We encourage ILGA Asia to include at least one youth representative in their board and chairing pool.

13: We encourage ILGA Asia to keep providing scholarship for young participants in upcoming conferences.

14: We encourage ILGA Asia to work with ILGA World to reduce membership fee for youth organizations.

15: To make sure that our recommendations are recognized and implemented, we decided to establish a working group to follow up closely with ILGA Asia and other identified stakeholders in the upcoming year. Members are selected from participants in the caucus meeting on a voluntary basis, but we encourage more young participants of this conference to join.

We call upon the ILGA Asia conference to adopt this statement as a sign of its support to the Asian youth empowerment movement within the LGBTQI community.

We thank you for your attention.


Yang Shi, China

Justin Francis Bionat, Philippines

Sadam Hanjabam, India

Sandeepa Perera, Sri Lanka

Mengying Han, China

Junmi Chen, China

Guobing Wang, China

Gopi Shankar Madurai, India

Yishu Li, China

Khînluí Lîm, Taiwan

Hiroto Shimizu, Japan

Mari Yoshida, Jpan

Fuis Sao Paotawan, Taiwan

Declan Loke, Malaysia

Numan Afifi, Malaysia

Ngo Le Phuong Linh, Vietnam, ICS Center

Adhe Saiful Akbar, Indonesia, PLUSH

Eric Pham, Vietnam, Hanoi Queer

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