Statement of the Intersex Pre-conference

On Tuesday , 5th of December 2017, the Asian Intersex Meeting took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Facilitated by ILGA Asia, this meeting gathered Asian intersex organizations working for intersex human rights. The goal of the meeting was to identify objectives for the full implementation of human rights and bodily integrity and self-determination for intersex individuals in Asia.

Affirming that intersex people are real, and we exist in all regions and all countries around the world. Thus, intersex people must be supported to be the drivers of social, political and legislative changes that concern them,

Keeping in mind that intersex organizations in Asia are working together on ending discrimination on the ground of sex characteristics,

Asking the intersex movement in Asia to work together based on respect for different cultures and the context of different regions,

Asking intersex people living in Asia to work together and to respect other intersex persons,

Deeply convinced that people must respect each other regardless of the name they use to describe their variation of sex characteristics,

Declaring that we use the word intersex simply for the purpose of this document and that we recognize the right of people to use other words to identify their variations of sex characteristics,

Demanding society respects the rights of intersex people to define what intersex is.

We ask ILGA-Asia and intersex organizations in Asia:

1. To raise awareness about intersex issues and the rights of intersex people in society at large;

2. To challenge the definition of sex as consisting of only male and female and promote the knowledge that sex is a continuum, as is gender;

3. To ensure that intersex people are fully protected against discrimination. To achieve this, we recommend the adoption of anti-discrimination legislation on the ground of sex characteristics – regardless of the specific appearance or configuration of these characteristics;

4. To recognize that 1 in 200 refugees is intersex and that these intersex people need protection against discrimination and need psychosocial help with the intersectionality of being intersex and a refugee;

5. To ensure that all stakeholders that have a specific role to play in intersex people’s wellbeing such as, but not limited to, health care providers, parents and professionals working in the area of education, as well as society in general, are instructed on intersex issues from a human rights perspective;

6. To work towards ending the infanticide of intersex children and the honor killings of intersex adults; To work towards making non-consensual medical and psychological treatment unlawful. Medical practitioners or other professionals should not conduct any treatment with the purpose of modifying sex characteristics which can be deferred until the person to be treated can provide informed consent.

In view of these objectives, the Asian Intersex Meeting calls on the national governments in Asia, to take on board intersex issues in their work and provide full protection for intersex people.

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