First Bisexual Preconference Statement

On December 4th 2017, the very first Bi-Preconference took place at biannual ILGA Asia conference. We, bisexual and/or allies are proud and pleased to be participating in this one day event and thank ILGA ASIA for this first step!

We recognize that all over Asia, from thewe face the same issues, in different forms and degrees. There is a general lack of awareness about Bisexuality, Bi+ and BiVisibility, not only in societies but also among the movements. We are seeking for awareness raising and – more – inclusion of non-monosexuality at the local, regional and international level.

We ask ILGA ASIA to act more inclusively and encourage all members to do so. We demand ILGA ASIA to provide members with adequate educational material and empower them in facing the challenges in mono-sexist communities. We want ILGA ASIA to consult with local and regional NGOs and activists about specific Bi issues at local and regional level.

We want non-monosexuality related sessions to be integrated in the next biannual conference and not only in a pre-conference event.

We also wish ILGA ASIA to be an incubator for the Asian Bi-Movement by facilitating the collaboration between individuals, activists and organizations. Dedication of funds for research and activism is vital.

We ask all participants in ILGA Asia conference, and all members in general, to recognize Bisexuality as it is, an independent valid sexual orientation, to acknowledge Biereasure and Biphobia and not considering Biphobia a form of homophobia. Inclusion is a duty, not thinking/acting/talking inclusively is a failure.

Taking into account “Intersectionality” is the key point for all of us who want to bring change, forced or conventional marriages, bi-parenthood, self-identification and sense of belonging to a community are the important topics in need to be addressed promptly.


Participants of Bisexual Pre-conference

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