Visa to Cambodia


In order to attend the conference, you may need to have a visa to enter Cambodia.


Visa requirement:
Application on arrival at Phnom Penh airport or prior to departure at the Cambodian Embassy/mission in country
Tourist visa: 30 days, one entry, 30USD on arrival (+ 1ID picture)
Business visa: 30 days, one entry, 35 USD on arrival (1ID picture)


Only for tourist visa: 30 days, one entry, 30USD + 7USD processing fees
(3 months validity from date of issue / 3 business days)


To enter Cambodia, you will first require a visa. We recommend a one month “tourist” visa. However, it is your responsibility to check whether or not you will need to apply in advance for a visa.  In any case, we strongly recommend that you apply for this visa in advance at your nearest Cambodian embassy or consulate or online when possible, as tourists can sometimes be required to pay small additional bribes to obtain visas on arrival. Bring a passport photo with you for the visa officials to avoid having to pay an additional fee.
You are responsible for checking the relevant requirements applicable for your one month “tourist” visa application. Please note that the one month “tourist” is only single entry visa.  Therefore, the visa will expire as soon as you leave Cambodia.


Country of origin Visa requirement e-visa Visa on Arrival
Afghanistan Yes No Yes
Bahrain Yes Yes Yes
Bangladesh Yes No Yes
China Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong Yes Yes Yes
India Yes Yes Yes
Indonesia Exemption
Irak Yes No Yes
Iran Yes No Yes
Israel Yes Yes Yes
Japan Yes Yes Yes
Jordan Yes Yes Yes
Kazakhstan Yes Yes Yes
Kuwait Yes Yes Yes
Kyrgyzstan Yes Yes Yes
Laos Exemption
Lebanon Yes Yes Yes
Malaysia Exemption
Mongolia Yes Yes Yes
Myanmar Exemption
Nepal Yes Yes Yes
Pakistan Yes No Yes
Philippines Exemption
Singapore Exemption
South Korea Yes Yes Yes
Sri Lanka Yes No Yes
Taiwan Yes Yes Yes
Tajikistan Yes Yes Yes
Thailand Exemption
Timor-Leste Yes Yes Yes
Turkmenistan Yes Yes Yes
Uzbekistan Yes Yes Yes
Vietnam Exemption

Should you have any issue obtaining a visa to Cambodia, for example if you country doesn’t have a Cambodian embassy, please send an email to for assistance.

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