Apply for Membership



Everyone can participate in ILGA conferences, but only members of ILGA can vote at the World and Regional conferences, in accordance with ILGA Standing Orders.

Please be aware that only organizations (not individuals) can apply for membership. The Executive Board of ILGA at its next meeting will review your application and you will receive communication as to the success of the application.

Membership of ILGA is divided into two categories:

1. Full membership is open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex non-profit organisationswhich support the Aims and Objectives of ILGA. This category includes LGBT groups which form part of a non LGBT organisation.

Full Membership Fees

150 EUR for organisations located in countries listed as high income economies by the World Bank.
30 EUR for the organisations located in other countries than the one listed there Larger organizations with annual budgets over 200 000 EUR are encouraged to pay 300 EUR per year wherever they may be.

2. Associate membership is open to any other organisation or association which supports the Aims and Objectives of ILGA; typically, such organisations are commercial LGBT organisations, governmental oganisations, or non-LGBT voluntary organisations.

Associate Membership Fees

300 EUR

Please use this link to submit your application

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